Office in a Box

What is Office-in-a-Box?

Perfect as a stand-alone solution, Office in a Box is the latest communications solution. From providing internet connectivity, landlines, and wifi, Office in a Box is also ideal for small and large organisations that want to extend easy-to-use, full Unified Threat Management (UTM) protection for smaller sites. With more features than any other UTM firewall in its market, these appliances are small, cost-efficient and security powerhouses that deliver nearly every feature present in Anywair’s higher end UTM appliances, including all security services in the Anywair Total Security Suite.

What can it be used for?

Office-in-a-box is a device operating with the SD-WAN technology which provides a redundant internet service and it is portable. It provides solutions to many industries around us. Some of the industries include; Healthcare, Financial Industries, Malls, Estates, SMEs, Restaurants, Hotels/Motels.

How does it work?

Customize As Necessary

This is YOUR solution, so you can load any application or service that you need to support your business.

Additional Options

With our AN Series Office in a Box, you can select any additional solution you require from our list of other services.

Future Proof

If the needs of your organisation exceed the capabilities of the Office-in-a-Box solution, your users, applications, and data can easily be migrated to our Enterprise platform.

Total Network Protection

Enterprises and remote locations have long been thought of as soft targets for attackers. Anywair Firewall AN150 and AN300 tabletop appliances bring enterprise-level network security to those small offices/branch offices and small retail environments that match the reality of today’s distributed work style.

Our unique product architecture enables smaller businesses to leverage best-in-class security services – from URL filtering and intrusion prevention to application control and data loss prevention – minus the cost and complexity of managing multiple single-point solutions.

Future Proof

If the needs of your organisation exceed the capabilities of the Office-in-a-Box solution, your users, applications, and data can easily be migrated to our Enterprise platform.

Features and Benefits

Quick and Simple Deployment

Cloud-based SD-WAN technology, a configuration and deployment tool that comes standard with Anywair Firewall Appliances, enables IT staff to create and store configuration data in the cloud – public or private – and have a new appliance directly shipped to its destination.

Once the device arrives, it can connect to the cloud for a secure download of its configuration settings, saving staff travel-time and money. This technology is particularly advantageous for large distributed enterprises where managing a multitude of devices efficiently across multiple locations and geographies is critical.

Everything You Need.


AN 150

  • Firewall
  • Wifi Controller
  • Cloud Storage 20GB

AN 150 Plus

  • Firewall
  • Wifi Controller
  • Cloud Storage 35GB
  • Cyberoam
  • Internet 4Mb/s - 3 links (75GB Total)

AN 150 Professional

  • Firewall
  • Wifi Controller
  • Cloud Storage 50GB
  • Cyberoam
  • Internet 4Mb/s - 3 links
  • Virtual IT Assistant

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Explore our Solutions.


With the AnyWair AN series Device, enjoy the benefits of local storage on the device, to enable you have easy backups and access to your data.

Guess what?! We also offer cloud storage services, a feature which duplicates all your local data on the cloud, incase of any physical hardware damage Be Prepared For The Worst By having your applications and data, also out of your office and into the Cloud, you are fully protected from disasters such as flood, fire, theft, or hurricane.

No power in your office? Simply grab your laptop or tablet, find the nearest internet connection and get back to work!

Bandwidth Aggregator

Bandwidth aggregation is simple in concept: you simply combine the bandwidth of two or more connections to provide a single connection.

Implementation can be simple or complex and can include load balancing and failover SD-WAN technology is designed for efficient load balancing of multi-WAN links, which help you control and implement network data priorities based on your enterprise bandwidth requirements.

Virtual IT Assistance

Our virtual assistant is an IT support staff assigned to your account to provide support services to your business, professional administrative & technical assistance to our box, or creative assistance to you remotely from our support centre.

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